2013 12 Jul


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A tour to the outdoor ethnographic museum “ETARA” near Gabrovo


Etara is the only one of it’s kind outdoor ethnographic museum in Bulgaria. It is situated at the northern slopes of Stara Planina, 8 km south of Gabrovo. The establishment starts in 1963 with the guidance and the project of Lazar Donkov, and is officialy opened a year later. The museum is a reconstruction of the bulgarian manners, culture and craftsmanship. Building  the museum is accomplished with three different methods: restoration of objects found at that place; transporting original installations from other places and replication buildings from original.

The size of the museum is 7ha , where is the unique exposition of architectural samples, residential interiors, different acting workshops – 50 objects total. The idea of the exposition is to reveal the manners, architecture and history of Gabrovo and the region during the Renascence (18-19 century).

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2013 12 Jul

Horse riding

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  • There is horse riding base only 38 km away from Tryavna with the possibility for riding by both beginners and advanced. They also offer a tour with a guide.

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The guest house named “Kushtata” (The House) raised in Dobrevtzi village, which is situated in the beautiful nature of the Tryavna Balkan – only 2 km from the center of the Bulgarian national revival city Tryavna. The road leading to there is asphalted and in good condition even in bad winter days. The house is cosy, offering modern comfort, romance, quietness and fresh air.

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